Value-driven, from plan to execution

TPA is an independent management and consultancy firm specialized in energy and technology. Since more than 25 years we have been supporting clients in energy, efficiency and emission reduction projects, through research, analyses and execution.

Research and project development

We perform energy research projects, energy-audits, reporting, expert reviews, sectorial and technology analyses, and assist clients in project development. We develop and verify business cases and together with partners can attract external funds to make your project viable.

Energy, technology - for sustainability

We explore new technologies for energy efficiency, circularity and emission reduction through research, knowledge development and collaboration and the development of best practices. We work on strategic coordination and development on energy technologies, standardization and policy options, together with industry, stakeholders and experts. We work in the Netherlands and internationally with experienced partners.

Business management and support

We assist and support clients in delivering coordination, cooperation and implementation services on energy, technology and finance.

About us | TPA Advisors

Maarten van Werkhoven is founder of TPA advisors. He has degrees in technics and economics - Mechanical Engineering and Business Management. In today's economy it is increasingly about a combination of organization, financing, commerce and technology. His background and experience help him to quickly analyze situations. TPA works with a small team of specialized professionals.

Projects & References

> Energy research, Energy audits for industry

Assessment of energy savings and CO2-reduction measures for a large number of industrial clients e.g. referencing the EED, the Dutch energy research duty and analysis electric motor systems, and many more.


> IEA Technology Cooperation Programme

Operating Agent for Electric Motor Systems Annex, participation by 8 countries and European Commission.


> Expert industrial drives for Knowledge Network and Specific programs

Chair of Dutch network in energy efficient motor systems policies and practices, memberships from trade associations from supply chain.


> Advisory Committee on Energy Efficiency - IEC

Working under the International Electrotechnical Commission ACEE provides strategic guidance for implementation, for specific sectors and encourages a systems perspective.

> Program 625 – Scoping CO2 emission reduction options large industrial companies

Team member of P625, project development and initiating projects with large industrial companies on reducing CO2 emissions through energy efficiency.


> Financing industrial energy efficiency and co2 reduction

Financial energy services for industrial energy efficiency projects – role and deployment, Develop and publication of



Energy reduction by condition based monitoring; develop energy waste reduction features, based on system-level modelling and asset load monitoring over time.


> JAG22 Joint Advisory Group on energy efficiency ISO/IEC

Joint advisory group of IEC and ISO on optimized energy and power consumption of Electric Driven Machine Units.

Clients & Project partners

ISPT, Nouryon, Vitens, KraftHeinz, Huntsman, Vopak, University Utrecht, ISPT, Samotics, RHDHV, FME, VEMW, Schiphol, Like Energy, PDC, RHDHV, European Commission, University Leiden, Danish Technology Institute, University Stuttgart, UNEP U4E, Clasp, Techniek Nederland, RVO, and many more.



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